Formulas and Processes for Bakers

Dr. Samuel A. Matz, author and original publisher, found the first edition of Formulas and Processes for Bakers title to be the most popular book of its kind when released. Book owners around the world reported that it assisted them when developing new products and improving existing items.

  • Hard cover book
  • Copyright date: 1997
  • Number of chapters: 13
  • Number of pages: 406

The Second Edition sold here is a complete update and a must for anyone interested in scientific baking. More formulas and processes are described as well as the chemical and physical characteristics of finished products. It explains the development of doughs and batters during mixing, forming, fermenting and baking. Fillings, frostings and other materials used during finishing are also discussed. Troubleshooting procedures are suggested to help identify the causes of defects and ways to correct them. More than 500 formulas are included in tables and in the text.

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