Cookie and Cracker Technology

In it's Third Edition, this book is one of the most extensive discussions of the technical aspects of biscuit production that has ever been written. The book contains four sections that discuss: ingredients, formulas and processes, equipment and engineering, and other technical considerations.

Chapter Titles
  1. Ingredients Made from Wheat
  2. Flours from Grains Other than Wheat
  3. Fats, Oils, Antioxidants, and Emulsifiers
  4. Sweeteners and Malt Syrup
  5. Water and Salt
  6. Leavening Agents and Yeast Foods
  7. Ingredients from Eggs and Milk
  8. Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables
  9. Ingredients for Flavoring and Coloring
  10. Nutritional and Health Additives
  11. Incidental and Miscellaneous Ingredients
  12. Principles of Biscuit Formulation
  13. Fermented Dough Products
  14. Cut and Embossed Biscuits
  15. Deposit and Wire-Cut Cookies
  16. Other Extruded Cookies
  17. Rotary Molded Cookies
  18. Sugar Wafers
  19. Specialty Cookies
  20. Formulating and Processing Dietetic Biscuits
  21. Particulate and Other Dry Adjuncts
  22. Water-Based Adjuncts for Biscuits
  23. Fat-Based Coatings and Fillings
  24. Receiving, Storing, and Transferring Ingredients
  25. Measuring Equipment
  26. Mixers and Mixing Principles
  27. Specialized Eqiupment for Fermented Doughs
  28. General Principles of Cookie Forming Equipment
  29. Sheeters, Gauging Rolls, and Laminating Equipment
  30. Extruding Equipment
  31. Molding Equipment
  32. Cutting Machines
  33. Ovens and the Principles of Baking
  34. Wafer Plants
  35. Applicaters for Adjuncts
  36. Auxiliary and Miscellaneous Equipment
  37. Packaging Materials and Equipment
  38. Computerization of Plant and Laboratory
  39. Sanitation and Safety
  40. Quality Assurance Operations
  41. Developing New Products

  • Hard cover book
  • Copyright date: 1992
  • Number of chapters: 41
  • Number of pages: 404

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