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Achieve consistent hamburger bun quality with the perfect combination of ingredients and processing conditions. Learn how ingredient variations affect bun strength and volume, and how processing and fermentation can improve your product quality in instructor-led, hands-on lab sessions.

You will learn:

  • How ingredients, mixing, and fermentation affect dough development and baked hamburger buns
  • How to identify common additives and why they are added
  • How to recognize how flour selection and specifications impact product quality
The seminar includes three afternoon lab sections. Participants will see how ingredient variations affect bun strength and volume in the first lab. The next two labs cover processing and fermentation variations.

Who should attend

Production managers and supervisors, research and development, technologists, quality assurance/quality control professionals.

Assessment methods

Workshops and class discussion.

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Hamburger Bun Solutions
Manhattan, KS, US

Dec 01- 04, 2015$1,450.00