Food Safety FUNdamentals

This CD contains 84 PDF files of posters that have been previously featured in our monthly AIB Food Safety Newsletter through 2012.

The CD also contains an indexed PDF file that includes 54 puzzles on a variety of industry topics. Puzzle types include: crossword, word search, spot the differences, word tile and Who Am I?

Popular uses include:

  • posters for display
  • attachments to training e-mails
  • t-shirts
  • training slide programs
  • employee handbooks

You have our permission to use the images as creatively as you choose to meet your food safety training needs. The only stipulation is that the AIB International logo must remain part of the printed image.

 Part#:Parts Available:Price:Ship Wgt:
21EB30DV0Food Safety FUNdamentals$60.001.00 lbs.