Certified Equipment Design for BISSC Certification

Learn how to interpret and apply the Z50 Standards
in the design and installation of bakery equipment

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The Z50 standard for Bakery Equipment has been completely revised and updated. The BISSC Certified Symbol is a mark of quality demonstrating that equipment was designed and built to meet the strict requirements established in the Z50 Equipment Design Standards for Bakery Equipment. Bakery equipment designed in compliance with these exacting standards minimizes the risk of product contamination and maximizes cleanability and operational efficiency.

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be authorized to attest in writing the equipment designed by their company meets the high standard established by the Z50 Equipment Design Standards for Bakery Equipment. Then and only then, can bakery equipment proudly display the BISSC Certified Symbol.

This seminar includes:

  • An in-depth review of the Z50 Equipment Design Standards and criteria of bakery equipment design, and principles of sanitary design.
  • An examination of how poor equipment installation can defeat sound equipment design and how proper installation can enhance design.
  • A certification workshop where seminar participants perform equipment inspections in a working bakery against the criteria established in the Z50 Equipment Design Standards for Bakery Equipment.

Who should attend

All equipment manufacturers that design, build, and market production equipment used to manufacture bakery products.

Learning objectives

  • Outline the history of BISSC and the ANSI rulemaking process.
  • Improve equipment quality using sanitary equipment design.
  • Collect, organize, and interpret information about the BISSC Certified seal to improve market position by providing improved sanitary design and efficient production equipment.
  • Apply the Z50 Standards in the design and installation of bakery equipment.
  • Explain why equipment design is fundamental to food safety.
  • Provide examples of food safety regulations and the GMPs.
  • Identify what types of contamination issues arise from poor equipment design.

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An engineering background, the ability to design bakery equipment and a basic knowledge of the baking process.

Assessment methods

Class and one-on-one discussion, workshop, review of audit documents.

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We suggest the excellent reference resource, Engineering for Food Safety and Sanitation, to accompany this course.