Nutrition Information

Under the NLEA regulations, most food products are required to display nutrition information on their packages. This information is considered necessary by the government to provide consumers with nutritional guidance. The nutrition labeling program was initiated by AIB in 1993 as a service to provide the baking and food processing industries with an inexpensive means to obtain the required nutrition information for their labels.

This service is based on an extensive database of nutrition information compiled from analysis of brand name and generic food ingredients, and a proprietary computer program for calculating the nutrition of a food product based on the formula. The nutrient information is adjusted by the computer program to account for processing changes.

Companies submit formulas and ingredients on a confidential basis and AIB uses its extensive database of bakery ingredients to derive nutrition labeling information. Technical support is provided to guide you in complying with the requirements of the regulations or dealing with specific questions on nutrition labeling, serving size determination, claims, formats, exemptions and other related areas. Because FDA has sanctioned the program, any problems may be solved through discussion between FDA, AIB, and the client company.

Two basic reports are available. The first report contains unrounded nutrient values per 100 grams of product. The second report provides nutrient values that have been computed and rounded according to Federal Regulations per serving size. The second type of report can also be printed in a camera-ready format for scanning into a computer.

Ingredient Statement Assistance & Package Compliance Review

Food labels, package statements, format and ingredient declaration reviews are compliance assurance services also offered by the Food Labeling department. AIB's critical individualized oversight is provided to clients on a fully confidential basis. Our consulting services are rendered on an actual time billing priced at $175 per hour.

A specialized seminar is offered. To find out more, go to Labeling of FDA Regulated Foods

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