Applied Baking Science

Learn ingredient testing methods to validate your specifications needed to produce a quality product.

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An in-depth, hands-on introduction to the principles behind bakery ingredient laboratory tests.

Applied Baking Science teaches the basics of widely-used dough and ingredient testing equipment, and the advantages testing provides. Limitations of tests are also discussed.

Seminar participants learn to understand ingredient specifications (with an emphasis on flour) so they can interpret specification sheet data.

Dr. Debi Rogers, recipient of the AACC International's Excellence in Teaching Award, takes a practical approach to teaching science. Dr. Rogers works with students in AIB's well-equipped laboratory to demonstrate how each piece of equipment is used to test ingredients or finished products, and how to interpret the results for greater efficiency and process improvement in the participants' own facilities.

Who should attend?

  • Research and development
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Production management
  • Technical Sales

Assessment methods:

Instructor observation through labs and activities.

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Learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate the measurement of pH and TTA (total titratable acidity)
  • Analyze major flour specifications, including: farinograph or alveograph, amylase activity, moisture, ash, and protein
  • Explain test results from less common flour tests such as pekar, sedimentation, and gluten washing
  • Describe characteristics of starches and gums used in baking
  • Recognize components of common chemical leaveners
  • Select characteristics of fats and oils that relate to different bakery products

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Applied Baking Science
Manhattan, KS, US

Aug 03- 06, 2015$1,800.00