Applications: Bread Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting breads and buns, Dough strengtheners, Enzymes, Oxidizers, Water activity, Product evaluation

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Troubleshoot common issues with bread and bun products, dough strengtheners, enzymes, oxidizers, and water activity.

Become a more effective production troubleshooter by fine-tuning your knowledge of bakery products. Learn proven techniques to reduce waste and improve quality..

Who Should Attend?

Production supervisors, production managers, R&D managers and technologists, quality managers and technologists, technical service technicians

Learning objectives

  • Troubleshoot and make acceptable bread from "trouble" dough scenarios.
  • Critique the breads made in lab.
  • Troubleshoot common bread production problems caused by ingredient or processing changes.
  • Improve the quality of the bread process and product.
  • Identify bread faults and how to resolve them.


Participants must attend either Fundamentals of Bread and Roll Production or Variety/Artisan Bread and Roll Production prior to taking this course.

Students Say:

"Great seminar and very talented instructors. I am very motivated to study baking science and art in greater detail."

"I found it informative and practical. It gives me the tools to better understand the baking process and to be more effective and efficient!"

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Applications: Bread Troubleshooting
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Sep 12- 16, 2016$1,875.00