Practical Pizza Production Technology

Totally redesigned to incorporate more hands-on practice, ingredient quality control, and health trends

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No matter how big or small the pizzeria, great pizza starts with great ingredients. And how do you learn about the ins and outs of those ingredients? Practical Pizza Production Technology, that's how! Whether you're a pizzeria owner, manager, or employee, or you're thinking about opening your own shop, this course is a must-attend seminar, full of information on all things pizza.

All the important subjects will be covered: functions of dough and sauce ingredients; making your dough the best it can be, regardless of type; sauces, cheeses, and meats; pizza freezing for the retail operator, and take-and-bake pizza. Time will also be devoted to various equipment, including pans, tools, ovens, and forming equipment. Business management and marketing will also be covered in this fast-paced program.

Questions are always encouraged, answers are down to earth, and plenty of time will be spent in the hands-on laboratory sessions. So sign up today and start making better pizza!

Who should attend:

Independent store operators, chain store operators, those thinking of opening their own pizzeria, and anyone interested in learning hands-on pizza fundamentals.

Learning objectives:

  1. Develop comfort level with the function of the pizza ingredients and the different crust options.
  2. Understand the key pizza manufacturing stages: mixing, proofing/retarding, assembly, and baking.
  3. Review quality control points and waste management.
  4. Evaluate pizza kitchen design, organization, and efficiency.
  5. New health trends: low sodium, gluten-free, low carb, high fiber, gourmet pizzas.
  6. Basics on pizza evaluations and sensory work including "customer preferences."

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Assesment methods

Instructor observation through labs and activities.

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Practical Pizza Production Technology
Manhattan, KS, US

Oct 12- 16, 2015$1,800.00