Variety/Artisan Bread and Roll Production

Investigation of the function of ingredients, production of variety breads, oven considerations, nutritional value, differences of pan and hearth style, and freezing technology

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Variety/Artisan Bread and Roll Production teaches the art of variety/artisan breads and the science of efficient mass production of these popular products. This intermediate course develops an understanding of variety bread and roll systems applicable to the development of new products, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills that can have an immediate positive effect on the production line.

Who Should Attend?

Production supervisors, production managers, R&D managers and technologists, QA/QC managers and technologists, technical service technicians

Learning objectives

  • Summarize the ingredients in variety breads and hearth and sourdough breads
  • Identify and apply the usage of variety grains and flours in breads and recognize what is whole grain.
  • Describe and perform the steps to make pan variety breads, hearth breads, and sourdough breads
  • Objectively evaluate the products made in lab and identify differences

Students Say:

"I really loved learning to bake such a variety of breads and the different properties of ingredients. Great class!"

"The labs were great. I enjoyed the way we were able to participate in the labs and classroom. I can’t wait until the next class."

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Variety/Artisan Bread and Roll Production
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