Corn Tortilla and Chip Production

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Troubleshoot your processes and maximize your corn tortilla and chip production efficiency.

Join experts from leading food and equipment manufacturers to learn new skills and techniques that will help you ensure quality control and cost-effectiveness in corn tortilla production. Gain hands-on experience in AIB labs under the instruction of industry leaders. Engage in informative discussions with instructors and other tortilla producers.

Every decision made about tortillas and how they are formulated, produced, packaged, and shipped can affect sales and customer loyalty. This seminar explains the variables and links them to results to ensure positive outcomes.

Who should attend

Tortilla manufacturers/owners, research and development, technical service, production operators

Learning objectives

  • Understand masa flour processing and the different types of flours produced.
  • Know what qualities to look for in a raw corn product.
  • Determine quality levels in corn production using lab and analytical testing.
  • Use appropriate equipment for corn cooking and know how the equipment impacts the process.
  • Identify quality differences in products and attribute root causes.

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Topics and time are subject to change

Presented in association with the
Tortilla Industry Association.

In the words of a recent seminar participant:

"I now understand the process much better, including a wide variety of factors from both ends of the process."

Maximize your experience by attending this course and the Flour Tortilla Production course.

Both seminars:

  • Offer hands-on application in AIB's labs
  • Present the latest technical information about ingredients, processes, and equipment
  • Teach objective methods of product evaluation, helping ensure the consistency you and your customers demand

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