Specializations: Doughnuts

Hands-on labs in our state-of-the-art pilot facilities reinforce each lecture topic.

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Specializations: Doughnuts combines classroom lecture with hands-on learning in our pilot lab to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the properties of doughnut ingredients, and production problem troubleshooting. The course also includes a survey of other important topics relevant to managing a profitable doughnut operation.

Participants will learn to make doughnuts that are light and moist, with the right amount of fat absorption, and with the perfect balance of icings and glazes.

Learning objectives

  • Identify trends and key players in the doughnut market.
  • Describe ingredient functionality, formulation, and processing of cake and yeast-raised doughnuts with an emphasis on quality control points to assure the best quality in the finished doughnut.
  • Compare types of doughnut depositors with an emphasis on the differences and advantages of gravity or pressure-style depositors.
  • Recognize doughnut fryers now on the market; their styles, capacities, and key operational elements as well as choose the best fryer for a given operation.
  • Review types of dedicated doughnut production equipment now available for icing and glazing wholesale and retail donuts.
  • Discuss the role of fry fat in finished product quality and how to make selections that enhance your product.
  • Explain the composition, production, and proper handling techniques of icings, glazes, and compound coatings used on doughnuts.
  • Produce, ice, and glaze cake doughnuts in hands-on labs.
  • Evaluate products using objective product scoring techniques.
  • Make yeast raised doughnuts in AIB pilot plant using AIB's formulation and process.

Who should attend?

Plant managers, production, research and development, technical, quality assurance/quality control, retail bakers, ingredient and equipment sales.

Assessment methods:

Instructor observation through labs and activities.

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Specializations: Doughnuts
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