Food Defense Coordinator-Level 2

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Food defense continues to be a vital component of a Food Protection Plan for the industry. The Food Safety Modernization Act, as well as other regulations, audit programs (including GFSI), and customer requirements are driving the need for food facilities to develop solid Food Defense Programs to limit the concern for intentional contamination. Due to the growing demand, food defense and security professionals are looking for ways to further advance their education and train others to manage these programs at the facility level.

AIB's Food Defense Coordinator-Level 2 course develops investigation skills in food defense professionals to prepare them in the event of intentional food tampering incidents or other crisis management issues. Advanced food defense topics such as bomb threats and cyber security will also be discussed. The course will be presented by seasoned food defense professionals and includes interactive discussions and workshops.

Who should attend

AIB Certified Food Defense Coordinators, professionals with expertise in food industry security, human resource managers, crisis management personnel, and uniformed guard services for the food and agricultural industry.

Learning objectives:

  • Acquire the advanced tools for conducting the initial phases of an investigation where intentional tampering or a security related event has occurred.
  • Conduct interviews of persons associated with or having knowledge of suspected tampering events.
  • Collect and properly handle evidence from a suspected tampering event.
  • Develop and implement programs to handle security events such as bomb threats, suspicious mail, workplace violence threats, threats of sabotage, etc.
  • Recognize what is required of food defense in the Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • Evaluate programs to ensure chemicals in and around the facility are properly secured or managed to limit possible misuse or theft.
  • Recognize crisis situations and prepare a response plan for various crisis events.


Completion of the AIB Food Defense Coordinator course (public seminar, in-plant training, or online course), or a security background and experience with the desire to further acquire knowledge and apply it to the food industry.

Assessment methods:

Workshops and class discussion.

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Topics are subject to change

The AIB Guide to Food Defense

Participants receive a complimentary copy of The AIB Guide to Food Defense.

Participants can also become an AIB Certified Food Defense Coordinator by completing the online verification test with a score of 80% or higher within 30 days of the seminar.

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Planned locations and dates for 2015:

San Diego, CA • June 16-18, 2015
Nashville, TN • November 3-5, 2015

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Food Defense Coordinator-Level 2
San Diego, CA, US

Jun 16- 18, 2015$1,195.00

Food Defense Coordinator-Level 2
Nashville, TN, US

Nov 03- 05, 2015$1,195.00