Managing Facility Access

Held: May 11, 2012

Duration: 2 hours of presentation and questions & answers

Cost: $129.00 general public
   $99.00 for current AIB Certified Food Defense Coordinators*
   *Note: This savings is not available online. Please call to register to receive this discount.

The events of 9/11 significantly changed the world as we know it. No longer can any of our critical infrastructures operate in a pre-9/11 manner where the elephant log books were used for recording visits to a facility and generic visitor badges were issued. Terrorist groups, subversives, disgruntled insiders, criminals and others have become more sophisticated in their operations than ever before. Thus, front line personnel such as receptionists, HR managers, front office personnel, and other plant personnel must be trained and educated on how to recognize various forms of identification, as well as how to develop and maintain proper programs for parking, visitor access, suspicious mail and packages.

During this presentation, Rod Wheeler, AIB's Homeland Security, Food and Facility Defense Specialist, will provide real-life examples and case studies of actual attempts by those with ill-intent to gain entry into some of our critical facilities. Further, Mr. Richard Lovas, Association Manager for ISDA, will provide in-depth information on the various types of badges and badging systems available on the market today, along with ways to detect what may be a fake or counterfeit credential. The presentation will also reference the following:

  • Why we must be more vigilant, now more than ever, in our efforts at protecting the nation's critical infrastructures
  • Why proper credentialing of visitors, guests and contractors at a facility could be the bridge between the security of people, assets and property and the acts of a terrorist
  • More specifically, why the world's food and agricultural facilities are most vulnerable to a terrorist attack by someone entering into a facility without being properly vetted and credentialed
  • New trends in facility access post 9/11
  • Much, much more!!

Participants will be presented with information on how to:
  1. Identify valid forms of identification and recognizing potentially fraudulent IDs, including an examination of common forms of primary and secondary ID types
  2. Handle suspicious visitors including those who may be hostile
  3. Safely handle mail and recognize suspicious packages
  4. Perform a "quick scan" of a personal bag, purse, book bag or briefcase. What should you be looking for?
  5. Record laptop/netbook serial numbers
  6. Deal with telephone call bomb threats
  7. Develop and maintain a Key Control Program
  8. Become aware of various badging and visitor management systems and software
  9. Account for employees and visitors in a facility emergency evacuation
  10. Develop and implement your facility parking program
  11. Confront other issues related to the front office/reception areas and the shipping/receiving areas of a facility

Who should attend:
Receptionists, Mail Room Employees, Facility Security Personnel, Shipping/Receiving Clerks, Office Personnel, Engineering Personnel, Building Maintenance Personnel, Human Resources Managers

Participants can submit questions to the presenter during the webinar by typing them into the 'Questions' pane on the webinar Control Panel and these will be answered at the end of the webinar as time allows.

Rod Wheeler, Homeland Security, Food and Facility Defense Specialist for AIB International, has developed a series of food security and defense programs to support food processing, manufacturing and retail food outlets. Previously, Mr. Wheeler served as Secretariat of the Food and Agricultural Coordinating Council, which is a national body of Food Industry and Government Leaders. Rod has made more than 300 television appearances as a law enforcement and security expert. Mr. Wheeler's career spans over 25 years, serving many years with the Washington DC police department as a homicide and death investigator.

Rich Lovas has had extensive experience in the plastic card personalization industry. He held the positions of Quality, Product, and Project Management at National Business Systems in Paramus NJ over 25 years. In that time he obtained an expertise in encoding, printing, smart cards, and embossing along with laser engraving.
Since leaving NBS, amongst other duties (Professor at local Colleges), he has been the Association Manager for the Identification Systems Dealer Association (ISDA). Here he co-ordinates twice a year meetings whose objective is keep its members abreast of the latest developments in the secure access market.
Rich earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology and later obtained an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson. His first positions out of school were as a quality engineer in Naval Nuclear and then Aerospace.

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