HACCP is an internationally recognized means of assuring food safety from harvest to consumption. Recognized by "Codex Alimentarius" and other leading food safety agencies, HACCP has become the market standard for food safety world wide. Food manufacturers and private label retailers are insisting that their suppliers and co-packers implement HACCP in their own facilities.

HACCP services include on-site consulting for establishing a HACCP program and training employees in the HACCP plan requirements. A HACCP audit can be conducted against the site HACCP plan for management verification purposes.

Let us know if you are interested in Accreditation. We will send you more detailed information, including an application form to complete and return. We'll discuss your firm's unique needs and interests. Once a HACCP Accreditation Contract has been signed, here is how AIB International will work with you.

  1. Your firm must achieve an 800 score on an AIB Sanitation/GMP Audit, with no section below 160.
  2. We will examine your HACCP manual and scientifically review the Critical Control Points (CCPs) and Critical Limits (CLs) in your HACCP Plan. We will identify any discrepancies or non-conformities (major or minor) in any of these areas.
  3. We will conduct an on-site audit of your plant, based on the seven HACCP Principles and the six required Prerequisite Programs. This audit covers actual implementation of the HACCP plan, employee training, data collection and record-keeping.
  4. Following a successful on-site audit, you will receive a "Certificate of HACCP Accreditation," valid for up to three years, providing that follow-up audits verify that HACCP records are being properly maintained, Prerequisite Programs remain in place, and AIB Audit scores do not fall below 800, again with no section below 160.

For more information:
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