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Bread and Dough Makeup Operations

This DVD will help train your employees by showing:

  • An overview of makeup operations and machinery
  • Food safety issues in the makeup area
  • Occupational safety issues in the makeup area
  • Weight Control
  • Operation and adjustment of these makeup machines (Model K, extruder, hard roll, KRD and Cummins Eagle, no stress, one pocket divider and knife and ram dividers, intermediate proofers, rounders, moulders, and oilers)
  • Job impact on final product quality
Total time 2 hours 6:36 minutes

 Part#:Parts Available:Price:Ship Wgt:
21BE00000Bread and Dough Makeup Operations DVD$250.000.50 lbs.

(Keywords: Bread, Dough, Makeup, Model K, Proofers, Rounder, Moulders, Oilers, Machinery, Final Product quality)

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