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Cake and Yeast Raised Doughnuts DVD

This DVD contains two videos: Yeast-Raised Doughnut Production (15 minutes) and Chemically-Leavened Doughnuts (11 minutes). Both are in English and Spanish.

In addition to the Video training, AIB International has provided supplemental materials in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format for you to use for future reference.

These include:

  • Doughnuts, a 20 -page document that discusses and amplifies the content in the video training program.
  • Doughnut Faults, a troubleshooting guide that shows common doughnut faults and lists probable causes.
  • Friction Factor, a formula and explanation of how to calculate friction factor.
  • Water Temperature, a formula and explanation of how to calculate water temperature.
  • Relative Humidity, a handy chart helps determine relative humidity by comparing wet- and dry-bulb temperatures.

This DVD can be played on a computer with a DVD-R or with a tabletop DVD player connected to a TV.

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21BM00000Cake and Yeast Raised Doughnut Production DVD$129.000.50 lbs.

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