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Science of Baking

The Science of Baking correspondence course emphasizes the "whys" of the baking process and provides a thorough understanding of ingredient formulations and interactions. It will help you deal with the many variables and unexpected problems that occur during production.

Be among the many to benefit from this up-to-date, flexible course. The course's format:

  • Allows you to choose a bread or sweet goods emphasis
  • Is offered in a modular format with six-month deadlines
  • Is printed at high quality with charts, graphs and illustrations

Modules include (click each title for more details):

  • Science of Baking - Foundations, Module 1 introduces students to the history of baking and the various aspects of the baking industry. This module also teaches the basic science and math skills required to complete the rest of the course. Upon enrollment students will be shipped all the lessons as well as a complimentary copy of our Glossary of Baking Terms.
    15 lessons, 12.0 CEUs

  • Science of Baking - Ingredient Technology, Module 2 teaches students needed information about the uses and functions of ingredients in bakery products. This course will also prepare students for the bread and cake modules.
    14 lessons, 11.2 CEUs

  • Science of Baking - Bread and Rolls, Module 3 builds upon the lessons in the Foundations and Ingredient Technology modules. Bread and Rolls teaches students about a wide variety of products and processes.
    13 lessons, 10.4 CEUs

  • Science of Baking - Cake and Sweet Goods, Module 4 builds upon the lessons in the Foundations and Ingredient Technology modules. Cake and Sweet Goods teaches students about a wide variety of products and processes.
    11 lessons, 8.8 CEUs

Students start with modules 1 and 2. We will allow six months for completion of each module. For example, if a student purchased Foundations and Ingredient Technology on February 1, 2012, he or she would be given six months (until 8/01/2012) to complete the Foundations module and six additional months (until 2/01/2013) to complete Ingredient Technology. Students will receive a certificate for each module they complete. (After all required exams are graded and your average score is above 70%, you will receive a document of completion, a congratulatory letter and a summary grade report.) Modules 3 and 4 will not be sold without the purchase of Modules 1 and 2.

Printable registration form available here.

AIB International has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102; (703) 506-3275.

 Part#:Parts Available:Price:Ship Wgt:
19HJ00000Science of Baking - Module 1 - Foundations (1-15)$245.005.60 lbs.
19KK00000Science of Baking - Module 2 - Ingredient Technology (1-14)$270.005.60 lbs.
19KX00000Science of Baking - Module 1, 2 & 4$695.0012.80 lbs.
19KV00000Science of Baking - Module 1, 2 & 3$725.0012.20 lbs.
19KY00000Science of Baking - Module 1, 2, 3 & 4$825.0015.90 lbs.

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