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Advanced Techniques in Labeling FDA Regulated Foods

Need to simplify your Labeling Compliance protocols?
Having trouble applying FDA's requirements to your food labels?

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Participants will acquire a thorough understanding of the regulations pertaining to food ingredients and where that information is located on the FDA website. They will be able to distinguish between different types of labeling claims and properly use them on their food packages or in any labeling materials. Additionally, they will be able to assess any food label or labeling for compliance with FDA regulations.

Who should attend?

Persons responsible for regulatory compliance with FDA food labeling regulations.

This is an advanced program designed for persons who already have basic food labeling knowledge obtained from:

  • Food industry organization seminars
  • FDA training sessions
  • Extensive work experience

After a half day of detailed discussion about FDA's current legal requirements concerning food additives, GRAS substances, label claims and "front-of-package" symbols, you will be provided unique opportunities to:

  1. Test your knowledge and skills in determining whether nutrient content claims or health claims can be made for specific food items.
  2. Determine the legal acceptability of several currently marketed food products, and decide how to bring these products into compliance with FDA requirements.
The two workshop sessions are one-half day each.

You won't want to miss this one!
Don't wait to register. Because of the intense nature of the label review and development activities and the desirability for individual discussions, the course size is limited to 36 participants.

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Topics and time are subject to change


Learning objectives

  • Determine whether you can label your food products as "natural" under FDA or USDA guidelines.
  • Distinguish between food substances, food additives, color additives, GRAS substances and dietary ingredients. Explain the regulatory approval process for each class of ingredients.
  • Apply the regulations for nutrient content claims, health claims, structure/function claims and drug claims to assess the compliance of actual examples of claims from packages and company websites.
  • Determine which "Front-of-Package" symbols are actually regulated claims. Summarize the proper use of certain label statements that may not be directly addressed in the regulations such as fruit/ vegetable servings, glycemic statements, ORAC values and the term "serving suggestion"
  • Identify the location on the Internet of the information pertaining to the different types of ingredients and claims.
  • Using raw data, determine if specific nutrient content claims or health claims can be made for specific products.
  • Identify the location on the Internet of the information pertaining to FDA regulated elements on food packages.
  • Determine if commercially available food packages are compliant with FDA regulations.


Must have basic food labeling knowledge obtained from one of the following:

  • AIB International basic course, "Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products" (or equivalent seminar offered by other food industry organizations)
  • FDA sponsored food labeling training sessions
  • Extensive work experience in food labeling (at least 3 years).

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Enrollment and Location Information

  • Mail: AIB, 1213 Bakers Way, PO Box 3999, Manhattan, KS 66505-3999
  • Phone: 785-537-4750, 800-633-5137 or 800-242-2534 (enrollments only)
  • Fax: 785-537-1493
  • Online: Add to Cart below
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Advanced Techniques in Labeling FDA Regulated Foods
Manhattan, KS, US

Jun 17 - 18, 2014$1145.00

(Keywords: Labeling, Regulations, FDA, Regulatory, Allergens, Trans Fat)

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