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Principles of Warehouse Sanitation

Warehousing facilities are becoming the training grounds for regulatory investigators.

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Meet education requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Every food plant has a receiving and distribution warehouse. Food protection in distribution is required under the FD&C Act. Will you be prepared when regulatory personnel and customers visit your facility? Do you understand the legal implications of failing to maintain correct programs? Are you confident that your programs will meet current requirements?

Share the experiences of the AIB instructors and others at this seminar as a way to build your confidence.

Personnel managing and working in food warehouse and distribution facilities must have education and training on food safety issues as required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Working in teams guided by AIB's skilled instructors, students will apply the materials presented through workshops developed to challenge their understanding of the key issues and how to develop practical solutions.

AIB is taking this seminar on the road to make it easier for you to attend. The east and west coast locations give you a choice of venues to reduce your travel costs. Changes in the program content bring you up to date on the latest regulatory changes and customer expectations such as Global Food Safety Initiative audits.

This seminar provides a relaxed interactive learning environment. The right balance of lectures, workshops, and interaction between attendees creates a very positive learning experience. Students will leave this course with a general knowledge of the programs needed to protect food from contamination in a warehouse or distribution center and obtain practical answers to real life situations faced on a daily basis. Join us to find solutions to your challenges or share your successes with others looking for solutions.

Who should attend

Food plant warehouse and distribution center personnel.

Learning objectives

  • Acknowledge the regulatory requirements for food storage and distribution and the impact of GFSI audits
  • Develop and implement sanitation programs
  • Recognize basic pest issues and implement corrective action
  • Identify key vulnerabilities related to food defense in the warehouse facility
  • Design and implement receiving programs that cover key concerns
  • Design a storage program for allergens

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Subjects and time are subject to change

Assessment methods

Workshops and written exam.

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Enrollment Information

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  • Phone: 785-537-4750, 800-633-5137 or 800-242-2534 (enrollments only)
  • Fax: 785-537-1493
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Planned locations and dates for 2014:

Ontario, CA February 25-26, 2014
Baltimore, MD August 5-6, 2014

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Principles of Warehouse Sanitation
Linthicum (Baltimore), MD, US

Aug 5 - 6, 2014$795.00

(Keywords: Food Safety, Warehouses, GMPs, Cleaning Programs, Distribution Centers, Adulteration, Food Handling, FDA, Hygiene, Seminar )

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