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Practical Pizza Production Technology and Innovation

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From one-man corner pizzerias to wholesale pizza production facilities, great pizza starts with great dough. Practical Pizza Production Technology and Innovation is an essential seminar for anyone in the pizza industry.

Function of ingredients, dough, tomato products, cheese, meat toppings, herbs, and spices will be covered, as well as health-conscious aspects of pizza including gluten-free products, and salt and sodium reduction. This fast-paced seminar will also address pizza production equipment, pans, and tools; and business management and marketing, as well as additional topics.

Whether thick crust, thin crust, stuffed, New York, Chicago, or Neapolitan style, decisions about product quality, variety, and consistency, based on the interaction of ingredients and production methods common to every pizza operation, are the focus of this course. Questions are encouraged, answers are practical, and hands-on instruction in the lab reinforces information discussed in lectures.

Who should attend:

From corporate R&D professionals to sole proprietors or persons looking to enter into the pizza industry, each attendee will gain valuable insight into practical and technical applications that save time and money as well as improve overall product quality.

Learning objectives:

  1. Recall, define, discuss, describe and apply function of ingredients in various pizza dough formulations.
  2. Discuss and compare techniques for controlling and enhancing the palatability of pizza and pizza type products.
  3. Evaluate, discuss, and critique various finished pizza crusts and assorted sauces produced during lab.
  4. Recall, define, discuss, describe, and apply processing techniques used for the production of various pizza type products.
  5. Enhance background knowledge relating to pizza and associated products and their ingredient and processing technology.

Learn From the Experts:

AIB’s expert technical staff and recognized industry professionals teach the course in state-of-the-art production labs where students will receive comprehensive, easy-to-understand instruction on current pizza production methods, marketing, and financial management.

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Topics and time are subject to change

Assesment methods

Instructor observation through labs and activities.

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Enrollment and Location Information

  • Mail: AIB, 1213 Bakers Way, PO Box 3999, Manhattan, KS 66505-3999
  • Phone: 785-537-4750, 800-633-5137 or 800-242-2534 (enrollments only)
  • Fax: 785-537-1493
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Practical Pizza Production Technology and Innovation
Manhattan, KS, US

Oct 27 - 31, 2014$1711.00

(Keywords: Pizza, Dough Technology, Crusts and Toppings, Pizza Equipment, Seminar )

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