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Keller's Food Safety Zone DVD Training

Show your employees how to recognize and avoid food safety hazards.

Employees play a critical role in manufacturing and processing food. Make sure they are aware of the food hazards that can enter products with this Food Safety Zone Training DVD.

This innovative training series makes it easy for your employees to understand and use essential information to promote food safety. J.J. Keller created these programs specifically for frontline employees. Each topic in this four-part series makes training interesting, useful and effective with an approach that's geared towards employees - and holds their attention!

Training topics included:

Basic Microbiology

Provides an easy-to-understand overview of the foodborne pathogens. The program covers terminology, the impact of pathogens, and what each employee needs to do to avoid problems.

Cross Contamination

Describes the sources, causes and dangers of contamination in the food industry. The video stresses the importance of prevention and uses easy-to-follow explanations and instructions.

Personal Hygiene

Summarizes personal cleanliness issues with regard to the food industry. Employees are shown how what seems to be a harmless detail can have serious food safety consequences.


Stresses the importance of keeping work areas clean, along with personal cleanliness. Explains why cleaning and sanitizing equipment is important. Employees see first-hand the right way to keep a safe food production workplace.

This DVD is available in English or Spanish. (approximately 40 minutes long)

 Part#:Parts Available:Price:Ship Wgt:
21FP30DV0Keller's Food Safety Zone DVD Training - Spanish$395.000.50 lbs.
21FO30DV0Keller's Food Safety Zone DVD Training$395.000.50 lbs.

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