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Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products

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Participants in AIB Internationalís seminar Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products acquire the skills to properly use and display labeling elements on their food packages during two days of discussions and practical exercises that clarify every detail of the FDA labeling requirements.

Although the course emphasizes the basics of labeling, it also serves as an excellent review and update for those with greater experience. Some participants attend more than once to find out the latest changes to regulations and to gain insight into potential labeling issues.

Who should attend

Persons responsible for regulatory compliance with FDA food labeling regulations. This is a comprehensive course geared toward the person that has only had minimal exposure to food labeling regulations or is in need of a review and update of the current regulations.

Previous participants are saying;

"This is my second attendance and I will continue to attend.
"Course was a great benefit to my job. Iím glad I enrolled.
"The instructors provided a great depth of information and were very accessible for individual questions.

Assessment methods

Workshops and one-on-one discussion

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Topics and time are subject to change.

Learning objectives

  • Determine which government agencies are responsible for regulating the labeling of food and the laws that they administer. Identify what types of enforcement action may be taken for violative products.
  • Apply the regulations pertaining to principal display panels (PDP), information panels (IP), statement of identity for product naming, package quantity of contents statements and name/address of place of business.
  • Demonstrate the proper declaration of ingredients on a package label and the correct disclosure of major food allergens.
  • Distinguish between retail food packages and those for restaurants, institutions and other food service industries and determine what labeling elements are required on each type of package.
  • Determine when country of origin labeling is required, what types of whole grain statements can be made, and whether a product can be labeled as "natural", "gluten-free", or "organic".
  • Summarize what information has to be in the nutrition facts panel, what information is voluntary, how the information is declared, when different nutrition formats can be used and when a product may be exempt from nutrition labeling.
  • Explain the difference between nutrient content claims and health claims, and discuss the requirements for the various types of claims.

Seminar Guest Speaker

James E. Hoadley, PhD, serves as a Senior Consultant with EAS Consulting Group. Prior to joining EAS, Hoadley spent 20 years with the FDA, including a decade as a senior regulatory scientist in the Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements with primary responsibility for food label claim regulations.

Hoadley was involved in some of the FDA's most precedent-setting health claim issues, such as how to deal with food label claims based on authoritative statements, and the 1999 Pearson v. Shalala federal court decision that led to qualified health claims. He also participated in the development and implementation of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act.

He began his work at the FDA in 1987 as a research scientist in nutrition at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and later worked as a toxicologist, performing food additive and GRAS petition safety reviews in FDA's Office of Premarket Approval.

Hoadley earned his PhD in toxicology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and did postdoctoral research in nutrition at the University of Florida. He received his bachelor of science from Ohio State University.

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Enrollment and Location Information

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Labeling of FDA Regulated Food Products
Chicago, IL, US

Sep 24 - 25, 2014$1035.00

(Keywords: Labeling, FDA, Regulations, Food Labeling, Seminar )

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