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Glossary of Baking Terms

Keep AIB's expanded, conveniently-sized Glossary of Baking Terms in your briefcase or desk drawer for ready easy-to-use reference. AIB has updated, enhanced and improved its Glossary of Baking Terms to make it the authoritative source for information from Absolute Humidity to Zymase. To avoid confusion caused by minor variations in terms, the book has ample cross-references.

  • Copyright date: 2010
  • Over 2,600 complete entries
  • 177 pages
  • Convenient 6 x 9 inch format with spiral binding

Based on research and user suggestions, a team of instructors updated the Glossary by reading each definition to ensure clarity and relevance to the baking industry. In addition, our Director of Cereal Science, Dr. Debi Rogers, edited and enhanced many of the definitions by adding more useful information.

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410250000Glossary of Baking Terms$40.001.81 lbs.

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